Standard online Employment Contracts

Standard online Employment Contracts

£35 (plus VAT)

  • Fully compliant, market leading online Employment Contract suitable for most staff - permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time and staff who are on a fixed term contract.
  • Includes all major clauses, e.g. employment dates, working hours, holiday entitlement, salary details, sickness policy, job description and many, many more.
  • Includes optional probation period.
  • Employer has rights to acquire employees' inventions, copyright and other intellectual property.
  • The entire online employment contract process can be completed online in 20 minutes or so.
  • If you need to arrange more than one online employment contract, then you can 'Copy and Paste' your answers from a completed order to a new order - then change the personal details for the next employee.
  • All our master documents are signed off by our lawyers at Ashfords, and are protected by the Cleardocs guarantee.
  • 100% secure payment by RBS WorldPay.  Learn more about credit debit card transaction security when you purchase from Cleardocs.

What customers are saying about our online employment contracts:

"Having been recommended Cleardocs by a networking colleague, I was impressed how easily I could generate an employment contract to my exact (and exacting) needs. The only question I had a legal one - was resolved quickly and easily through the helpline. I'm very pleased with how simple and clear my document is, and it has already prevented me having an issue regarding paternity beforeit became a problem. I'll be back to create my staff handbook in the very near future."

Lawrence Fielden - Managing Director, Nettmore Ltd

All of our documents are protected by our money back guarantee

Number of refunds sought for the Employment contract: 0

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