Standard Consulting Agreement

Standard Consulting Agreement

Market leading Standard Consultancy Agreement

£75 (plus VAT)

  • Fully compliant, market leading Standard Consulting Agreement suitable for engaging either individuals who are self-employed consultants (or contractors); or a 'Service Company'that has an individual who is employed by, and provides the services through, that company to provide services to your organisation.
  • The Agreement includes details of the parties involved, the Consultant's obligations, and the Services being paid for, the Consultant's fees and how and when they will be paid.
  • Also, health and safety agreements, agreement as to whether a substitute party can be used, Intellectual Property clauses and details of when the contract starts/started, when it will end and all the required notice periods.
  • Plus, if you are contracting with a 'Service Company', then you will also automatically receive a Deed of Adherence which protects by you by requiring the individual to give you direct undertakings/promises - instead of relying on the Service Company's indirect undertakings/promises in the Standard Consultancy Agreement.
  • All our master documents are signed off by our lawyers at Ashfords, and are protected by the Cleardocs guarantee.
  • 100% secure payment by RBS WorldPay.  Learn more about credit & debit card transaction security when you purchase from Cleardocs.

What customers are saying about our employment contract:

"As an HR consultant I have seen my share of badly constructed and unnecessarily complex legal employment and HR documents. Cleardocs on the other hand, do precisely as they say and provide documents with simplicity, clarity and ease of use. If you want reliable, up-to-date and expert HR documents, go to I do!"

Laura Davis - Managing Director, HR Solutions 4 U

All of our documents are protected by our money back guarantee

Number of refunds sought for the Consultancy agreement: 0

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