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Government makes employment regulations easier for smaller firms

Added: 2011-03-21 15:17:47.0
The government has announced on Friday that they will make swift changes to business legislation that are designed to make life easier for smaller businesses.

These changes will be:
  • A three year moratorium on new business regulations for new businesses of fewer than ten employees;
  • A move to remove the right for employees to request time off for training in companies of fewer than 250 staff; and
  • The scrapping of the right to request flexible working for parents who have children under 17 (which had been due to brought in this April).

The plans will please many owners of small businesses and also those who may have been considering starting a new business.  The fact that they will be given three years off as it were from completing some of the currently necessary paperwork will no doubt please many.  Likewise, many employers may have been fearing the laws on flexible working rights changing; something that they will not have to worry about after the announcement.

The plans were revealed to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) by business minister Mark Prisk and seem to have divided opinion between employers and employees.  Trade union Unite has already claimed that the changes are “anti-women”.  Assistant general secretary of Unite Gail Cartmail commented that the announcement is “the latest example of a policy that will make it harder for women to hold down jobs and make a valuable contribution to the economy and the financial well-being of their families.”

Another union, the construction union UCATT said that scrapping the right to request time off for training is endangering peoples’ lives. They commented: "The decision is particularly alarming for the construction industry, due to the fact that as the industry begins to recover from the recession an increasing number of new inexperienced workers will be recruited. Without proper training they could place themselves or their colleagues at risk.”

After a rough couple of years for small businesses in the UK, many business owners may feel that it’s about time that the legislation went their way and made things easier for them to run their organisations.

As ever, Cleardocs will keep you posted on any developments, in particular what this means to the changes that were due to be coming in at the start of next month.

The content of this blog is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such, or used instead of seeking legal advice.


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