Accountants Employment Documents

Accountants Employment Documents

It is widely accepted that SMEs use accountants and accountancy firms more than any other single source for advice in relation to their regulatory obligations. Whilst demands for specific advice may vary, it is clear that SMEs view the technical competency of accountants as very high. With the on-going growth in the SME sector and the increased competition among accountancy firms to serve this boom area, SMEs are looking for external 'business partners' to provide critical support roles beyond those traditionally delivered by accountancy.

As the nature of the accountant's and accountancy firms' role continues to develop in this sector, the challenge facing members of this professional body is to carry out traditional duties while taking on new projects and initiatives that deliver extended value to SMEs.

How can Cleardocs help?

Cleardocs supply legal HR contracts and documentation via a dynamic, intelligent and adaptive web based environment. By partnering with Cleardocs, accountants will be in the position to provide their clients with an enhanced service offering.

Cleardocs is able to supply a wide range of customised employment documents including, employment contracts and staff handbooks.

Alternatively, the client may wish to use the system themselves via an exclusive co-branded (Cleardocs and accountant/firm) web site. Either way, the user can create, change, archive, print and receive automatic up-dates to dynamic HR legal documents.

All documentation from Cleardocs is signed-off by Ashfords, one of the UK's leading full service law firms.

By reducing the costs & complexity associated with employment on behalf of the SME, accountants and accountancy firms are able to further demonstrate their status as 'business partners': leaving clients free to focus on growth and productivity.

Online - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Cleardocs provides trust and confidence in legal HR documentation.

What next?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us on 0845 474 0372 or send us an email.

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